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Dr Asha Seth M.D

Family Practice/Obst/Gynaecology
Founding President Nimdac Foundation
Chair, Province Of Ontario
Medal for Police Bravery Advisory Council
Charter  Member Of Canada India Foundation


An Obstetrician and Gynaecologist within family practice, fully qualified to practice in the U. K., Canada, and USA with over thirty years of medical practice.  Served hundreds of families and successfully delivered thousands of babies. Recognized as a pioneer in the medical field, saving lives, educating families/youth about healthcare, and offering a caring hand to the sick and needy. A team player who demonstrates respect, compassion, and integrity together with a responsiveness to the needs of patients that supersedes self-interest. Committed to professional development and to making a positive impact on society through philanthropic activities and by inspiring others participate in improving the world.

Dr. Seth has been in private practice since 1976 and on staff at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto. She has been featured in articles in newspapers and magazines such as: The Globe and Mail, the National Post, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, The Mississauga News, SNAP Down Town Toronto Magazine, India Abroad, and Indian Express. Her professional profile was featured in the National Review of Medicine, 2008. Featured for philanthropic work on (CBC/Radio-Canada), Canada's National Public Broadcaster, 2008; interviewed many times on the Asian Television Network; part of a four-person panel for a 40 series program, titled MD Diagnosis, Appeared as an expert on gynaecological issues on the Medical Intelligence show broadcasted on Rogers Television, Conducted a lecture and workshop, on “How Youth Deal with the Cultural Clash, Between the Traditional and Western Mind set” at Mc Master University,  addressed members of the medical community, politicians, business leaders and the general public at various fundraising galas and humanitarian events.

President Award--  Presented  by ICCC (Indo- Canada Chamber of  Commerce ) 2009 In 2009, Dr. Seth became the Lead Sponsor for the Aim for Seva Hostel in India (part of the Aim For Seva Schooling) there by helping to cover the cost of building a hostel which will support up to 100 under privilege children from remote tribal area in India. She is member of the Canadian & Ontario Medical Association of Canada; the College of Family Physicians, Founding President of Nimdac Foundation (North Indian Medical and Dental Association of Canada), Member of Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce, 2006, and Present, Board of Directors, the East Indian Professional Residents of Canada (EIPROC), 1982, and Present, Member of the Association of Women of India in Canada (AWIC), 1976, and Present, Appointed Member of the Board of Governors of Canada India Foundation (CIF), 2008, Appointed Chairperson for the Fundraising Committee for the St. Joseph Foundation, 2007, and Present, Awarded for contribution to the Abused Women program by the South Asian Women's Centre, 2007, Honored by Panorama India for outstanding support and contribution, 2006, Honored by the Medical Staff at St. Joseph's Health Centre for dedicated service, 2006, Appointed by Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty as Chair of the Province of Ontario Medal for Police Bravery Advisory Council, 2004, and Present, Member of the Advisory Council of the Firefighters Bravery Awards, 2004, and Present, Honored by the naming of the Audiovisual Theatre at the CMOHC on behalf of the Seth Family, Honored, and named a Patron of the Association of Women of India in Canada (AWIC), 2003 and Appointed Chair of the Hosting Committee, King Georges Medical College (KGMC), 1997   Her personality and activities point out to her strong desire to give back to the society what society gave to her.






Nimdac Foundation
Executive Founding
Committee 2010

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