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      1. 產品詳情
        • 產品名稱:韓國振動機拋光機

        • 產品型號:TC-15
        • 產品廠商:其它品牌
        • 產品文檔:
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        韓國振動機拋光機此款機器三星,LG 等一系列手機電子廠的噴涂工藝檢測.檢測手機電池背蓋,手機按鍵.手機導航件.手寫筆.聽筒絲網.手機框.等一系列噴涂所需檢測。
         First of all, thank you for buying one of our machines.
           We are producing Vibratory Finishing Machines, Vibration applied machines, Precision processing special machines with our accumulated technology and thorough quality systems under our motto that we serve our customers with the best quality products
          We would like to introduce, through this manual, how to properly use the machine, to perform its best function in operation that our development and production team have made with their endeavors.
          This manual will guide the users to understand the equipment, how to use in the best conditions, how to increase productivity, how to maintain the equipment in the very simple way.
        For anything that is not sufficiently described, please feel free to contact our office, then we will supply with further information that we can do.
           We hope this equipment will do a good role in your business, Good luck!
                              From all the members of Jin Poong B.R. Tech.
        1.Warraty period of this equipment is 1 year or 2000 hours whichever comes first. and warranty period of the electrical parts is 6 months.
          This is based on the normal operation, operators mistake or mishandling of the equipment, excessive operation beyond its capability and failure to maintain on time will release the warranty obligation.
        2. In any case that the user has changed the machine parts or corrected without any prior agreement, this warranty will be invalid..
                      MODEL  :  TC - 15 (SM - 1502)
        2. SOUND COVER
        4. CONTROL UNIT
           Tub interior dimension:  W180mm x L530mm
            In-put area dimension:  W130mm x L530mm
           LINING : Hot pour Polyurethane Casting, Thickness: 15mm
           Motor  : 220V x 1Hp x 3ph x 60Hz. (2 pole)
           Motor R.P.M : 3500
         2. SOUND COVER
           L920mm x W620mm x H900mm+120mm
           Top door with Gas Cylinder
           Water tank, metered to be 500ml
           Water tank, metered to be 1000ml + addition of Compound 200ml
           Water tank, metered to be 500ml + addition of Compound 20ml
           Compound metering pump 300ml/min, adjusted to supply 200 ml by a timer.
           Compound metering pump 20ml/min, adjusted to supply 20 ml by a timer.
            1 Electrical Power:  220V x 1Ph (20A). 
            2 Tap water:  4L/Hr. (To be linked to the  right side of the  control unit by  8mm hose.)
                     Just place on the flat concrete floor without any anchoring.
        In case the equipment is not horizontally leveled, the mass in the tumbler can move to a side,
        please be careful.
                     Please link 3 wires from the motor to the U.V.W. terminal in the control box.
                     Please link 2 wires from the main source of electrical power to the R.T. terminal in the box.
                     Please link tap water to the supply valve on the right side of the control box by 8mm hose.
                     In case Tap water contains some foreign substance, please install pre-filter before this hose.
                     Please link a hose(20mm) from the hose nipple on left side of the control box to the main machine.
                     A little longer hose is shipped with machine, please cut it off and adjust depending on
        the site allocation
        .            Please link the discharge valve on the rear side of machine to the laboratory discharge pipe line.
                     Please leave the discharge valve always open except for the maintenance.
                     A compound container needs to be placed in the room under the control box.
                     Please remove the top lid and place the container in the room and put a separate lid pre-drilled
        on 3 places, 1 big hole in the center and 2 small holes on the right and left.
                     On the center hole, please place a level sensor which emit alarm when there is not enough
        compound in the container,
        and on the right and left holes insert 2 hoses that come from the metering pumps.
        V. OPERATION
           Supply the control box with power (put the Breaker switch ON, put the disconnect switch ON) and
        put the selector switch ON, then you will have light on the Power lamp.
         Fill the vibratory tumbler with media 15L (11.25L of Cone and 3.75L of Pyramid).
        Put the Mode to Manu and push on Start.
        If the mass turns from front to back, the motor direction is correct.
        In case it turns in the opposite direction please correct by changing the wire.
        The media contains some flashes and burrs. This course is, prior to the main course of testing, 
        to condition the media by tumbling to the right purpose of the testing.
                          First of all, put MODE to Manu and push on PRE WATER-1, then 500ml tank will be filled with water.
                          Pls push on only once, if you push on twice it will be stopped.
        O                 Once it is full, it will be automatically disconnected. When the water is evacuated, the tank
         is automatically refilled, therefore from next time, there is no need to put to Manu and fill again.
                     Set the timer 4 hours or 10 hours as required by your company (currently designated to be 10 hours).
                     Put Mode to PRE and push on Start then the tumbler will start to run and 2000 ml of water
        will be supplied automatically.(4 times of 500ml)
                          At the time of start, 2000ml will be supplied and 500ml will be supplied every 30 min. automatically.
          The tank always keeps water 500ml. and supplies when it is required.
        This course is to test whether the testing parts are safe or damaged when the media and parts
        have rubbed each other in the vibratory tumbler.
        First of all, put MODE to Manu and push on MAIN Water-1, then water will be ready with 1000ml
        in the tank 1, push on MAIN Water-2 then water will be ready with 500ml in the tank 2.
                          Push on Comp-1, then 200ml of compound will be added to 1000ml of water  in the tank-1.
                     Push on Comp-2, then 20ml of compound will be added to 500ml of water in the tank-2.
                      Pls push on only once, if you push on twice it will be stopped.
                      Once you have filled for the first time, when the liquid is evacuated, it is made again automatically
        therefore there is no need to do manually again.
                     Set the timer 1 hour or 2 hours as required by your company.
                     Put the MODE to Manu and start the machine, then 1000mml of water and 200ml of compound
        will be automatically supplied in the beginning and 500ml of water and 20ml of compound
        will be supplied every 30 min.
         (Note) When there is not enough compound, you will have Alarm light on the control panel,
        please fill the container with compound.
               VI. MAINTENANCE
                     In case the inverter inside the control box repeats to trip, one of the 3 wires from the motor
        might have been disconnected by the vibration. Please take out the vibratory tumbler from the
        sound proof box and disassemble the drain pipe lines and lift up the tub and check the wires
        from the motor. If any of the wires were disconnected, please correct it.
        In case there is any loud noise from the vibratory tumbler, the bearings on the motor must have
        broken, please replace them referring to the assembly drawing of the motor.
        In case the liquid of water and compound is not supplied well, some foreign substance might have
        been stuck in the ball, please clean the valve referring to the separate manual.
         In case compound is not well injected from the metering pump, please clean the balls on the
        suction and discharge port of the diaphragm pump.
        (Referring to the separate manual, pls clean part No. 2,3,4.)
        This may happen after long holidays.
        Please clean the filter that is installed right after the in-put water valve on the right side of
        the control box.
           We warrant quality for either 380 days from the date of shipment or 2000 hours of operation,
        whichever comes first. In case any part does not work properly, we send replacement part only.
        韓國振動機拋光機  韓國振動機拋光機

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